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Save yourself the hassle of going to bid. We've already done that negotiation for you! 
The purchasing power of thousands of members in several countries allows you to save money & time.

Three reasons to join the Cedar:


Savings on your purchases

How? Due to our negotiations expertise on behalf of the group, our pricing is excellent!


Save time and save yourself the hassles

Let us do the heavy work! We' re here for you.


Personalized assistance

You can count on our industry expertise, experience, and market knowledge. We’re on your side!

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Unrestrained & Independent

In all buying categories you have the freedom to choose the suppliers, pick your products, and enjoy the significant savings.

  • The Cedar suggests you sign-up only for the buying categories in which you have an interest and an intention to buy.

  • For each buying category, you can choose between at least two suppliers. This avoids a monopoly and keeps the spirit of competition alive.

  • The Cedar lists suppliers, not products. You can buy anything in the listed suppliers' complete catalog.

  • As soon as you join the Cedar, immediately benefit from very advantageous Cedar rates and conditions.


Real People, Real Stories, Real Savings


Saint anthony's parish

“We had three other quotes done and the Cedar pricing saved us 53% compared to the highest quote and 33% from the lowest quote! The Cedar connected us with their listed supplier who provided a significantly lower price, with all the "extras" the other companies offered. The Cedar Group buying power is a real thing. "

— Tom Hollcraft, Business Manager

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