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Saint Anthony's Parish


Like most churches we are always hoping and looking to find the best product for the best price.  When our copier lease was coming to an end, we began our search for a new machine.


I called the Cedar right away to see what they could do for us. However, while I have faith in the Cedar to provide good service, my controlling nature had to get several copier companies to bid the project so I knew we were getting the best price. We had three other quotes done and the Cedar pricing saved us 53% compared to the highest quote and 33% from the lowest quote!


The Cedar connected us with their listed supplier who provided a significantly lower price, with all the "extras" the other companies offered. Due to the low price, my finance council recommended we buy the machine outright. The Cedar worked the purchase agreement and provided us a stronger service agreement than if I were alone.


The Cedar Group buying power is a real thing.

- Tom Hollcraft, Business Manager

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