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25 years ago...

... the Cedar was created in a little town called Paray-le-Monial, located in Burgundy, France. The founder, Eric Chevallier, was a volunteer at a faith-based entity and he was asked to manage the acquisition of a copier. Eric spent about 20 hours researching about these multi-functional devices and meeting with various suppliers. A few days later, he had dinner with some peers from another nearby faith-based establishments and discovered they had done the same on their end! The three of them together would have saved time and money - had they consolidated their research and acquired their devices from the same supplier! That's when the idea to group together in order to obtain lower pricing started. 

Today, the Cedar is present in France, Poland, Spain and the United States with over 200 employees worldwide and 20,000 entities benefiting from negotiated pricing on a multitude of buying categories. 

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