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Have you ever tried comparing complex pricing structures such as phones, copiers, or service agreements?

In order to purchase efficiently, you have to know how and what to compare. It's a job in itself, and that's our job. Our Market Managers are experts - they know the right questions to ask and what to look for when comparing suppliers and pricing. Building an effective bid can't be improvised. It's the key to obtaining the best possible prices, quality products, and avoiding bad surprises while assuring excellent customer service for our members. We've learned a lot in our 25+ years of business!

Once the bidding process is finished, winning suppliers are listed at the Cedar for two to three years and Cedar members benefit from negotiated pricing and terms.

Negotiation Meeting

For each buying category, several meetings are held with suppliers. Members are invited to join, if they wish. 

Negotiation Meeting.JPG
Our experts are at your service.
Saving you time is as important as saving you money.
Our goal is to decrease your costs while saving you time.

On average, our expert Market Managers spend 6 months opening a new buying category - they research local and national suppliers, analyse ​costs, services, functionalities, and trends while always keeping in mind our members' needs and best interests. Writing up a bid, analyzing responses, conducting negotiation meetings and acquiring counter-offers is a full-time job. Once the negotiation is finished, the Market Manager's job isn't! They are in constant communication with members to answer questions, resolve issues and make sure our members' interests are defended. They are also in constant contact with suppliers, making sure everything runs smoothly for all parties involved.

We involve our members!

Listing Meeting

After presentation of the market and vendors, our members vote to select the winning suppliers.

At the Cedar, our members have the opportunity to be present at all stages of selecting our suppliers.

Opening a new buying category is done on behalf of our members - they are consulted on product and service specifications before the bid and invited to be present at the suppliers' negotiation meetings. At the end of the bidding process, members select the winning suppliers during our Listing Meetings. 

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