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  • Why join the Cedar?
    The Cedar will provide you with savings on things you typically already buy - sometimes even with the same suppliers! Because the Cedar members are numerous - we bring their purchasing volumes to our suppliers. Therefore, our suppliers significantly reduce their prices. All this is a result of a long negotiation process and over 25 years of experience. But pricing isn't everything - what's also important is quality of the products and services as well as reliability in customer service. The Cedar makes sure that even the smallest member gets treated like a key account by our suppliers.
  • How can I be sure Cedar pricing is better?
    That's a great question! At no cost, the Cedar will provide you a comparative analysis. Send us recent invoices or current quotes and we'll provide you with a line by line, apples to apples comparison. We'll even extend that to a three year projection and on multiple buying categories. This way, you'll know exactly how much you could be saving. Our goal is always to ensure our members' purchasing power is stronger with us than without us.
  • Why do I need to provide recent invoices?
    The accuracy of a comparative analysis is of the utmost importance for us to show you true, real time savings. Providing the most recent invoices give us the opportunity to thoroughly illustrate, in our comparative analysis, the most precise savings potential. Invoices provided to the Cedar remain confidential. When we deliver this comparative analysis to you, we will reflect your current pricing as well as the Cedar's set-negotiated pricing, revealing the savings. This is the best tool we have to help us help you.
  • What buying categories can the Cedar help me with?
    Office Supplies & Breakroom Products Copy Room and Desktop Supplies Full Line of Office Essentials Technology Chromebooks, Desktops, Laptops, Carts Interactive Boards Printers & Copiers/Multi-Functional Devices Devices & Service Agreements Lease Buyouts (1 to 1.5 years left on existing lease) Small Desktop Printers Mailing Machines Leases and Supplies Vehicles Passenger Vans, Trucks, Sedans LED Lighting Supplies & Retrofit Projects Food Services Full Line of Food & Beverage Products Commercial Kitchen Equipment Small Wares (Glassware, Pots and Pans, Food Preparation Utensils, Storage Supplies, Small Appliances) Janitorial & Sanitation Chemicals (Ware Washing, Floor Care, Hand Soaps, Sanitizers, Detergents, Bleaches, Water Conditioners, etc.) Dish Machine Leases, Racks, & Dispensers Paper Products (Roll Towels, Toilet Tissue, etc.) and Trash Can Liners Synthetic & Nitrile Gloves (both powered and powder-free) Furniture Collaborative Classrooms, Cafeteria, Administrative Offices, Reception Areas Outdoor/Indoor Event Supplies and Furniture Portable Stages Heavy-Duty Plastic Folding Chairs and Tables Blow Mold Plastic Tables (assorted sizes and shapes - banquet style, rounds, ovals, etc.) Made-to-Order Institutional Grade Carts Audio/Video Sound Systems and Live Streaming Capabilities HVAC (Northern California Only) Installation Service
  • How is the Cedar different from other Group Purchasing Organizations?
    We are deeply committed to the belief that your Mission is our Mission! Our Regional Officers work to build personal relationships with each of our members by driving to their location, meeting face to face, and working together to identify the areas the Cedar can help. Many of our members have us on speed dial, we love that! We strive to cultivate their trust.
  • How do I sign up?
    Technically, signing up is easy with an online form. Before that, though, we'd like to talk, meet face to face or through zoom, and conduct a comparative analysis to confirm the savings. We're not just an internet website with anonymous relationships. We're real people and we appreciate building real relationships. Getting to know you to better understand your needs is of great importance to us. If you are interested in becoming a member, please use the contact form or call us at (916) 298-4820. You can also email
  • Who are your members?
    Our members are faith-based organizations, non-profits, and community service organizations including but not limited to: Abbeys/Monasteries Care to the Disabled Charities Childhood Protection Services Community Service Organizations Congregations, Religious Orders, Communities of Religious Men or Women Dioceses & Parishes Food Service Operations helping those in Need Hospitality Homes Ministries & Councils Mission Based Establishments Professional and Social Rehabilitation Centers Retreat Centers Schools (Public, Private, Charters) Seminaries, Universities, Educational Establishments Senior Living Communities Shelters Shrines Student Dormitories
  • Do I have to sign-up to all the buying categories?
    No. The Cedar recommends you sign up only to the buying categories you have an intention to purchase from and for which we've revealed savings. Some members have donated items - we can't beat "donated" so there would be no reason for you to sign-up to that buying category. Thoughout your Cedar membership, you can sign up to new or different buying categories at anytime. This allows us to maintain better supplier relationships by providing them a qualified list of prospects. This also allows us to protect you from cold calls by our suppliers.
  • Can I get a quote from the Cedar?
    The Cedar does not provide quotes on behalf of our suppliers and our pricing is confidential. We are not a supplier, we don't buy or sell any products. However, we'd be happy to conduct a comparative analysis on your past purchases. We can sometimes provide a comparative analysis based on a quote you currently have.
  • Can the Cedar do my bids for me?
    Yes! If you are looking for a service or product we have not yet negotiated - we'd be happy to conduct a bid on your behalf. This entails gathering your specifications/understanding your needs. We then idenfity local and national suppliers, manufacturers and/or distributors to organize and conduct meetings with them and with you! At the end of the process, when you are presented with bid responses and pricing - you select the winning supplier. This will benefit you and will benefit other members moving forward. A new supplier for one can be a new supplier for others. Mandate us to do your bidding and take that burden off your desk!
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