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Video Live Streaming Capabilities

We know how important it is to stay connected through Video Live Streaming for Masses, funeral services or other events during these challenging social-distancing times. Together with our supplier, Clarity AVL, we've put together three packages precisely to meet those needs. These packages are designed for anyone who doesn't know how to begin to put this into place.

In addition to making this seamless, this is what we looked at:

1) pricing

2) 30X Optical Zoom (vs. Digital)

3) delivered with labeled, pre-cut and sanitized cables, shop- prepared configuration for a Plug and Play Solution and remote customer support

4) long term solution - fully integrated with existing systems or future expansions 

About the packages:

- Receive the pre-configured equipment by mail. Prior to selecting the package best suited for your needs, we’ll need some technical information from your IT team for a customized solution. Click here to see what kind of technical information we'll need.

- Benefit from design/pre-engineered packages. Your package will arrive completely ready to install. Cables will be custom cut to your lengths and labeled. This is a “Plug & Play” solution! You probably won't need a lot of help to set-up, but you won’t be alone if you do.

- Free Phone and Remote Consultancy. Once the package arrives, you’ll benefit from phone, on-line and remote support to complete the set-up. You are now ready to stream live! 

- Optimization of your sound system. Benefit from up-to 2 more hours if you have any questions on how to optimize your sound. After that, benefit from a 20% discount on the regular hourly rate.

- After the confinement? Permanent installation can be done later, such as hiding the cables or attaching the equipment to walls. These systems can be fully integrated with existing systems or future expansions.

How do I control what's being filmed?

From your computer! It's that easy. Want us to walk you through it? Want to see the amazing zoom capabilities? This video will show you how a fruit 70 feet away will suddenly appear right on your screen!

About the camera:

The camera is a little thing that lives on a wall at the back of the room (we see 80’ installations all the time). During the confinement, you can set it up close to the altar (or location being filmed). It can also be set up (now or later) in the back where it’s essentially invisible rather than in the middle of the 2nd row of seats like a phone would need to be. It can be mounted right side up or upside down. These packages will allow you to continue to offer live streaming in conjunction with regular services.

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