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Saint John's Program for Real Change


Not only has The Cedar made a significant impact on our bottom line, up to 20% savings in food costs and 15% in janitorial and sanitation costs, but it is rewarding to work with people that you like, and will work hard to earn and keep your business, which describes the staff and management at The Cedar. Saint John’s Program for Real Change is an up to 18-month residential program for singlemother-led families that provides on-site and integrated

mental health therapy, alcohol and drug counseling, parenting education, high school diploma acquisition, budgeting classes, healthy relationship education and hands-on employment training to support real and permanent change in the lives of the 240 women and children we serve daily. 96% of the women who complete Saint John’s employment-training program secure non subsidized  employment, a crucial step in their journeys to self-sustainability.

Due to our program requirements of sobriety, 80% of our clients come from addiction, and because we don't serve men, 70% of our women have a history with domestic violence, we do not qualify for most of the available federal or state funds tabbed to fight homelessness. Which means we rely on corporations, individuals and foundations to keep our program going, and more than most we must count and stretch every single penny.

The Cedar helped us with all the hard work of comparing current costs with future savings across multiple lines of business and multiple vendors. The on-boarding process was solid. And every month that goes by we work together to find additional ways to save. They, like us, are mission driven, and that makes for a good partnership.

- Marc Cawdry, CEO

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