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Everwell Health Systems


Four years ago, Everwell Health Systems opened our corporate office on California’s beautiful central coast and shortly thereafter opened our first facility in Stockton, California.


With a lot of hard work and dedication, we have opened our second facility in Stockton and currently working on opening three more in the central valley. About six months ago, a business acquaintance recommended that I contact The Cedar Buying Group. He said that this company offered services that could help our company. I was busy at the time and did not have an opportunity to pursue this line.


Soon after, I received a phone call from The Cedar Buying Group and I brushed the phone call off as well. They were persistent and am I glad they were! With patience, The Cedar Buying Group is helping us take advantage of their food distribution component.


Scott has been there every step of the way! He has spent hours helping me with his knowledge, answering questions, setting up Everwell’s account, and getting things running smooth and efficiently. We look forward to incorporating more of the benefits The Cedar Buying Group offers, like their copying services and office supplies. I would not hesitate at all to recommend The Cedar Buying Group to my friends and colleagues.

- Claire Fetyko, Purchaser

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